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Our best cruises sail the popular Moscow - Saint Petersburg route, but they are very unique. While in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg, you don't live on the ship in the river port. Instead, you live in a luxury hotel near Kremlin and near the Hermitage. That makes your journey so much better.

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We offer only the best ships that maintain the highest levels of accomodation, service and safetey standards. Like the brand new Volga Dream II and its famous predescessor which is considered to be one of the best small ships in the world.

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Journeys of a Lifetime

Lev Tolstoy cruise
We have been home a few days and I thought I should give you some feedback about our stay in Russia, June 16 to June 25. We had a great time. The Tolstoy was a very comfortable vessel, and food on the ship was excellent. There were another six per...
MS Volga Dream Cruise, May 2013
We want to thank you for your recommendation to us to choose the Volga Dream! What a wonderful experience we had ! The boat was immaculate and the staff very efficient and friendly. We were impressed with the cleanliness of all the cities in Russi...
Kiev - Odessa cruise, August 2013
I am home again from a truly memorable trip. Every transfer was perfect, your drivers were courteous and helpful - the Dneiper River cruise was great. I enjoyed the experience and commend you for faultless organization. I am recommending you to fr...
MS Shashkov Cruise 2013
Our cruise on the MS Shashkov exceeded our expectations, the cabins although compact were very comfortable, particularly after travelling in 4 berth compartments on the train, the crew were very friendly and helpful, the food was very good and the...
MS Russ Moscow - St. Petersburg cruise
It was the best trip I've had in years! Thank you for all your work and I shall refer any one who wishes to go Russia to you and your company.
Kiev - Istanbul cruise
Just to let you know that we had a great trip down the Dneiper River and around the Black Sea – you did a good job and we commend and thank you. Of course we had our best time with our friends in Kiev prior to the riverboat trip, and we also enjoy...
MS Chernishevskiy
We did the St.Petersburg/Moscow Cruise 15th/25th June, 2013.MS Chernishevsky. It was a fantastic experience.

All went according to plan and we were met at St. Petersburg Airport by a taxi, as promised, bearing the name 'Travel all Russia&...
Luxury 5-star ships

The first place in 2015 goes to the brand new MS Volga Dream II, which will be going on its maiden sailing in May. And it will be something very very special. Learn more

Value 4-star ships

The original Volga Dream is one of the most remarkable small ships in the world that boasts extraordinary program and service. For us, it's second place is unquestionable. Learn more

Budget 3-star ships
MS Lev Tolstoi has been our favorite second best ship on Russian rivers for long time. With introduction of VD II it is earning a solid third place and continues to be a really good value-for-the-money. Learn more

Best Russian River Cruise Programs in 2015

Volga Dream II
The maiden sailing of the best and newest ship on Russian rivers.
from $6,145
Volga Dream Classic + Free Airfares
Airfares are included in the cruise price of July 26 and August 14th sailings from Moscow to Sain...
from $3,998

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