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The waters of the Baltic Sea represented different things in different periods of history. The Vikings, better known as Varangians in Russia, used it both for passage to trade routes and to their highly-sung eastern adventures. The Swedes regarded it at one point as their private lake, at least until Peter the Great asserted a Russian place on it. The Hanseatic League built one of the greatest trade empires in the world from the Baltic. And in the 20th century, it was a dark and mysterious boundary, where going too far in one direction could lead to dire consequences.

Today, the waters of the Baltic are celebrated as one of the most special seas in the world. Carved out by great glaciers during the last ice age, this remains the world’s greatest source of amber, even thousands of years after primitive man started collecting the precious, burnable gem-like stones from its shores. The Baltic is, naturally, also a source of pride for all the countries that share its shoreline. We offer a wide selection of ships and programs for a cruise on the Baltics. Choose your Baltic luxury cruise ship and experience unique atmosphere of the North first-hand.

Of course, the real advantage of booking Baltic Sea cruises with us is the ability to seamlessly transition your cruise vacations from ship to shore with fantastic tour extensions into Russia. After all, how many people do you know, following a week or two on a beautiful European sea adventure, have then followed in the path of the Varangians to or from the Baltic by high-speed rail en route to fascinating Moscow, or traveled south by train or plane to beautiful Kiev, or extended their travel adventure a further week with luxury travel on the Trans-Siberian? You will truly have plenty to tell after you return home. Contact us for details