Black Sea Cruises

Black Sea Cruises

Few vacation options have so few visitors and so many interesting places as do cruises in the Black Sea

Considering how cruising in the Black Sea, with all the beautiful coasts to see, has been appreciated since Jason and the Argonauts sought out the Golden Fleece, it is surprising that Black Sea cruises are not as yet among the best known of vacation options. But for travelers in search of a unique experience, Black Sea cruising presents a perfect opportunity.

A Black Sea cruise along the north shores presents one of the greatest vacation spots in the world, the Crimea. As a getaway for Russian Emperors since Catherine the Great, its mountainous shores feature beautiful beaches set below incredibly dramatic heights. Only here could a fantasy neo-Gothic castle like the Swallow’s Nest work so well, set on the edge of the Aurora Cliffs.


Direct source of travel arrangements
We have reduced links between suppliers and customers to their minimum. It allows us to a) control quality of all suppliers and b) deliver exceptional value to our customers;
Exquisite ships
Cruises on Serenissima, our favorite luxury yacht, are a delectable but a rare deal. When booking Serenissima with us, you book from the source. It means no extra agent commissions and better quality control;
Unique Programs
Many of our Black Sea programs are unique. For instance, MS Fidelio itinerary combines river cruise from Kiev to Odessa with a flight (already included in the price) to Istanbul. Thus, you will be able to see more and worry less as this package is all-inclusive.

For more information on available Moscow to St. Petersburg river cruise options, contact a our dedicated travel experts.