Grand Volga Cruises

Volga Dream Moscow - Astrakhan

Volga Dream Moscow - Astrakhan

14 days / 5-star cruise

Enjoy an unforgettable Grand Volga cruise from Moscow through the glorious cities of Yaroslavl, Kazan and Volgograd to the heart of Southern Russia - Astrakhan, on board of the one-of-a-kind luxury 5-star ship Volga Dream....
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as little as $285.36 per day

The Mighty Volga River

the national river of Russia that inspired artists and poets

Few rivers inspire as much awe as the Mighty Volga. Although only the 17th longest river in the world, the Volga nonetheless maintains the record as the longest river in Europe and offers travelers truly unique Russian river cruises. A majority of Russia’s largest cities, including the capital Moscow, are situated either on the river itself or on its tributaries. Many Volga River cruises we offer will give you a chance to see a large number of these cities, as well as other prominent historical locations

Among them are: Moscow, the bedazzling capital of Russia; Uglich, a historic town where dramatic events brought about the Time of Troubles in Muscovy at the turn of the 17th century; Yaroslavl, the largest and one of the most extravagant of the Golden Ring cities; Kazan, administrative seat of Tatarstan and designated “Third Capital of Russia”; Saratov, birthplace of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin; Volgograd, site of one of the world’s largest statue, “The Motherland Calls,” commemorating this hero city’s role as the scene of the bloodiest battle in history, the Battle of Stalingrad; and Astrakhan, near the site of the ancient capital of the Khazar Empire, which much later became Sarai, the capital of the Golden Horde. All in all, a Volga river cruise is all about unique experiences. Russian river cruise boats that operate on this route offer a modern level of comfort and attentive service. Each port that you visit in one of our exciting Volga cruises offers carefully planned excursions with knowledgeable guides. They will show you a top-notch selection of amazing sights and uncover plenty of mysteries of Russia’s abundant history.

It’s very true that Volga River cruises really do ensure an intimate river cruise experience. Just imagine all of the astonishing places you will get to see during your stops. Our Volga River cruises are really the best way to get to know the best of Russia! If you are interested in visiting Russia with a river cruise, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our helpful travel experts will be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Contact us now