MS Volga Dream
MS Volga Dream MS Volga Dream is our 5-star wonderland of cruising bliss. MS Volga Dream is the queen of luxury travel on Russia’s rivers. As an amazing pastime Volga Dream cruise ship offers quite various lecturing program: depending on your cruise date it can be lectures on turbulent Russian history of XX centure, or Russian culture and society starting from 1890 up to present times, or eternal Russian literature, etc. To get in touch with all the subtleties we invite the top-rank professors from the most prestigious universities. Details
MS Lev Tolstoy
MS Lev Tolstoy Hop aboard the MS Tolstoy for a Russian adventure worthy of the ship's namesake author. MS Tolstoy ship, built in 1979 by skilled Austrian shipwrights for high-ranking Soviet officials to host foreign dignitaries, features two restaurants and two bars, air conditioning in all guest areas, a beauty salon alongside a sauna, a reading room, and an observation lounge. It spaciously accommodates 168 guests. Details
MS Lenin
MS Lenin The Lenin is one of the finest ships sailing along Moscow - St Petersburg waterway. It is thoroughly overhauled every season and retains its air of comfort and quality as a result of this. It carries up to 266 passengers and offers two restaurants and no less than three bars, one of which is a popular piano bar. Cruise passengers will also find a hairdressers, a beauty salon, a library and even a souvenir shop. Details
MS Alexander Pushkin
MS Alexander Pushkin MS Alexander Pushkin is a comfortable four-deck vessel, built in Austria in 1974 and refurbished in 2011, the modern ship is equipped with modern navigational facilities and exceeds the speed of 22 km per hour (around 15 MpH). A restaurant, three bars, a souvenir store, conference hall, medical room, and lounge share the air conditioned space with the cabins, and a solarium offers plenty of room to tan while the river shores float past. All cabins feature large scenic windows that allow the morning daylight to enter, radio for entertainment, and private facilities. Details
MS Chernishevskiy
MS Chernishevskiy MS Chernishevskiy cruise ship was renovated in 2007 and now this four-decked vessel provides delicious Russian dining and cocktail options, as well as a rarity - a Finnish sauna. The ship's capacity is 254 guests who can ejnjoy high-quality river travel with friendly Engllish-speaking crew. Details
MS Russ
MS Russ MS Russ serves an important role in introducing travelers to Russia’s ancient towns and beautiful landscapes. Its large rooftop Sun Deck is perfect for happy strolls and perfecting that sun worshipper’s tan. Each cabin hosts a full private bathroom and refrigerator, and all the guest areas are comfortably air conditioned. Except for rooms on the Lower Deck, windows are fully-opening. Details
MS Spirit of Enderby
MS Spirit of Enderby The Spirit of Enderby is perfect for ice expeditions and will take you from Kamchatka to the Kurill Islands of the Russian Far East. The vessel, manned by seasoned Russian sailors, features full ice-resistance and a 1,560-horsepower engine capable of 12 knots. It can get in close to shores and provide captivating views of mesmerizing landscapes. Details
MS Viking Rurik
MS Viking Rurik MS Viking Rurik was originally constructed at the famous Boizenburg Shipyard on the Elbe River in Germany and immediately took its rightful place among the largest and most luxurious ships in Russian fleet of that time. It was completely refitted in May 2012 to satisfy all travelers’ wants - even the most sophisticated ones. Details
MS Shashkov
MS Shashkov It is able to sail at 17 mph (25.5 kph) on the Mighty Volga between St. Petersburg and Moscow, and provides a no-frills exploration of the historic sights along the way. Each cabin above the Lower Deck enjoys views from large scenic windows (the lower level is port-holed), and all cabins have their own private facilities, air conditioning, and refrigerators. Details
MS Svetlov
MS Svetlov Although named the same, the MS Mikhail Svetlov is in fact not the ship that brought “ordinary Soviet citizen” Semyon Gorbunkov (played by the renowned Yuri Nikulin) to Istanbul in the popular Soviet-era film “The Diamond Arm” (“Brilliantovaya Ruka”). Instead, this three-decker is one of the great river boats (Sergey Yesenin-class, type Q-065) that Austria built for the Soviets in 1985. Details