Explore Russia

and its many wonders with our Russian River Cruises

Russia is a world all its own. No other country on the planet has such a mystical past, wealth of culture and history and diverse array of geography, with its frigid icy tundra to its lush green riverscapes. This country divided into 9 time belts and 4 climate zones is definitely a wonderful riddle of nature where everyone can find something special and unique.

Russia is a country of contrasts, where the richness of the past blends into the booming possibility of the present. Moscow and St. Petersburg, located so close to each other but with such great differences between them, are excellent examples of this. One is a symbol of the Soviet past with its monumental architecture and ambitious spirit; the other is the shining glory of tsarist Russia, where everything is art unto itself. Visiting both cities gives travelers a peek into vastly different aspects of Russia's history.

Russia and its many wonders take on a whole new dimension when you travel across Russia on a river cruise. With dozens of intriguing choices to the most popular Russian river cruises destinations, our creative itineraries find the unusual, the little known, the extraordinary - and bring them to life. Our Russian River Cruises will show you the best of this unexplored country, from the metropolis of Moscow and the incomparable St. Petersburg to the most fascinating and charming cities in between.

Choose one of our Russian River Cruises and see more of this enigmatic country from the Golden domes of Moscow churches and luxurious palaces of St Petersburg to the mosques of ancient Kazan, grandiose monuments of Volgograd and the sunny shores of the Black Sea.