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Russia is a country where something unusual awaits you at every step. Among such unique treasures St. Petersburg is definitely in the front rank. It was built by the Tsar Peter the Great as a “Window to Europe”. And indeed, St. Petersburg can compete with greatest European capitals in beauty and fascination.

St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia for more than two centuries, and still stands today as its cultural capital. It emanates the glory of the Russian empire, capturing the spirit of grace and luxury that came from the tsarist regime.

From the very beginning St. Petersburg was a home for royalty and rich aristocrats. The best architects from all over the world were invited to create pieces of art in this living masterpiece. The cathedrals of Rome, the bridges of Venice, the palaces of Versailles, the cobbled streets of London - St. Petersburg is a city that has it all!

Equally impressive are the cities that lie close to St. Petersburg, the most renowned among which are Goritsy, Mandrogi, Kizhi and Solovetsky islands. Although never being the Russian capital or metropolis they yet have lots of magnificent sights to inspire you. In Goritsy you will feel the strength of spiritual life of Russia. A small village of Mandrogi will show you the best of Russian countryside as it conserves the untouched nature and follows Russian traditions of handicraft. Kizhi will magnetize you by its incredible Pogost that is the real miracle of bold visionary architecture, while Solovetsky Island will plunge you into the atmosphere of peace and serenity.

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