Airfares & Transfers

We can assist our clients in arranging airfares and transfers for them. If you would like to book your flight through us, please contact your travel specialist. If your cruise package does not include transfers, please book them online or ask your personal travel specialist to include them in your program.*

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How we arrange transfers
We work only with select suppliers of travel services that proved to be the most reliable and provided the most customer-oriented service. Upon your arrival a driver will be waiting for you at the exit gate holding a sign with your name on it. Please note, meeting drivers are instructed to wait for you at the airport for two hours from the time of scheduled arrival of your plane. It is your responsibility to confirm the flight schedule prior to your departure. Please immediately inform us about any changes so we make adjustments in transfers.

What to do if you're delayed
If you are delayed at the immigration or the customs you should call one of the emergency numbers provided on your boarding pass to request an extension of driver's wait time. If you do not notify us about the delay, you will have to book your own taxi at the airport (could be quite expensive) and ask its driver to take you to the port (port address will be provided in your boarding pass).

* Important: All of our 4 and 5-star cruise packages in Russia include transfers. All 3-star cruises as well as most of the boats sailing outside of Russia do not have transfers included by default. Please consult with your itinerary or your dedicated travel specialist to find out whether your program features airport transfers or not.

Interesting Facts

Cars we use
You can easily distinguish our car, as many of them have our logo, Travel All Russia's Firebird.

Drivers we work with
We are proud to work with outstanding people. Some of our drivers play harmonica and sing, simply ask them!